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4.20.19- Partner Saturday

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Today’s Workout (All Programs)

  • AMRAP8:

    8/6 Cal Assault Bike
    6 Dual DB Clean and Jerks

    8 Pushups on DBs
    6 Dual DB Box Step Overs (20″)

    8 Burpees to 6″ Target
    6 Chest To Bar

    Rest 3 minutes between AMRAPs. Partners will alternate full rounds. RX: 2×50, 2×35#

After I finished up my Divison 1 Track and Field career, I tried to continue competitively competing but I came to a hard realization that it wasn’t going to work out. I found Crossfit Speakeasy Last year, tried it out for a week, and I was officially hooked.

Phillip R

I became a member at CrossFit Speakeasy in April 2016 after bouncing locally from gym to gym but never fully feeling comfortable. I just had my second child and like many women who've stepped away from taking care of themselves, I knew I needed to do something but wasn't sure where to begin.

Valerie C

I love Crossfit Speakeasy (CFSE). With my 67th birthday fast approaching, I wanted to find a gym where I could build strength, get fit, and feel good.

Linda C

I became a member at CrossFit Speakeasy one year ago. In that time I have made gains I didn't think possible for a 40 year old. I am stronger, leaner, and in markedly better cardiovascular shape. The facility is great, with excellent equipment.

Mike R

Time management, as well as a healthy lifestyle is important in your professional and personal life. Especially, when you reach a certain age level. You have to have a balance and fit exercise into your busy schedule. There are only 1440 minutes in a day. Thats what Crossfit Speakeasy provides.

John C

Speakeasy is the epitome of what crossFit represents, the combination of intensity, fun, and challenging. The coaches are glad to answer questions and willingly give out helpful tips to all the athletes.

Gregory M
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