10 CFSE Commandments


  1. Sign into class. If the class is full, the class is full. Sign in to the next one.
  2. Be ON TIME. “On time” means 5 minutes before the class is scheduled to start. We don’t have designated class times for them to just be ignored. If you’re going to be late, notify a coach, or wait until the next class. It’s disrespectful to the coach, but more importantly it’s disrespectful to all the other athletes that showed up on time.
  3. No talking while the coach is instructing. We can all read the workout and you probably know the workout before you even arrive. But what you don’t know is the goal of the workout, the stimulus we are trying to create, the modifications/substitutions, etc. And if by all means you do know all of those things, then feel free to coach the class. If you don’t know, don’t talk – because guaranteed someone else in the class was just disrupted by you and now has no idea what to do.
  4. Leave your ego at the door. This should probably be the #1 rule. Everyone started somewhere; you started somewhere further away than where you are now. Respect everyone’s fitness journey and remember why you started. We don’t need you getting cocky, trying to RX every workout when you should be scaling, and ultimately getting injured because of your ego. Respect the process, trust the ones who guide you, and stay humble, yet hungry.
  5. Come ready to work. And work hard. There is no substitution for hard work. There is only so much a coach can do. Motivation has to come from within. Speak Easy, Go Hard. Always.
  6. Do not make excuses. No one likes a complainer, or hearing “why” you couldn’t do something. People deal with complaints and excuses every day at their job. I’m sure it is the last thing they want to hear before/after 3,2,1 GO.
  7. Celebrate others successes. We are a community, therefore, we are a team. We are only as strong as our weakest link. If someone does something for the first time, congratulate them. They probably worked very hard for it.
  8. Clean up after yourself. If you ripped on the pull up rig, wipe it down when you’re finished. If you used an absurd amount of chalk for burpees, then you better wipe up all of your chalky handprints. If you sweat profusely (which most of us do), wipe down whatever equipment you touched. Be sure to THROW AWAY all your dirty wipes once finished cleaning. And please, please, please throw away your water bottles when finished.
  9. The only person you should ever be concerned about is yourself. The only person you should ever be competing against is the person you were yesterday.
  10. Have fun! This gym was built and created by fun people. It’s a place to go when you feel you have no where else to go. The iron will never let you down, the rig will always support you, and the beach will always be just 1/2 mile away. This place would not be what it is without the people that built it. Cherish it. Respect it. And be as much a part of it as possible. It’s more than just a gym, and we all know that.