4.3.16- Sunday Update

April 3, 2016


  • CFSE Night out is THIS Saturday, April 9th. Location is TBD, but we will announce it early this week. We hope you all can make it! We look forward to celebrating the 5 weeks of the Open and all of your hard work. 
  • Next Level Class is now Wednesday/Friday’s at 7AM and Saturday’s at 11AM. This class is designed for those wanting to compete in the Sport of CrossFit. In addition to the Next Level class, some additional “competitive” programming will be added to the daily programming. This is optional, but definitely recommended for those wanting to compete. Remember, class has priority over equipment and space. These additional pieces should take no longer than 25 minutes. Hope you enjoy. 

The Week Ahead:

Monday– Heavy Hang Clean + Triplet 

Tuesday– Max Effort Run + SPRINT

Wednesday– Gymnastics EMOM + Chipper

Thursday– Conditioning

Friday– Rope Climbs + BW Burner

Saturday– Partners + CFSE NIGHT OUT! 

Sunday– Endurance, Barbell Club, Open Gym

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