7.17.22- Sunday

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Power Clean (6×5)

Every 2 mins for 6 rounds:
5 Touch and go power cleans.
**Build across sets so long as they remain TnG**

Complex  (5×3+2)

Push Press/ Push Jerk

Build across sets to a heavy set of 3 push presses plus 2 push jerks.
Jerry (Time)


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Today’s CrossFit Workout


  • 4 Rounds for Time:
    • 500m Row/Ski
      Alternating DB Snatch*
      DB Box Step Ups (24/20″)

*First 2 Rounds DB RX Weight: 50/35#
*Last 2 Rounds DB RX Weight: 70/50#


  • 5 Rounds
    • 400m Run
      20 Alt Hang Snatches
      20 Pushups
      20 Alt Single Leg V-Ups

6.30.20- Tuesday at Speakeasy

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to welcome everyone back to our Speakeasy Facility. Although we are not allowed to use the inside of our facility, we have created a massive outdoor workout area! Drop-ins, free trials, friends and family are all welcome to come workout, but MUST sign in ahead of time! If you have any questions or concerns on how we will be operating, please email: 

Thank you! We look forward to getting fit with you all.


  • For Time:
    • 1k Run
      50/40 Cal Machine
      250 Double Unders
      50/40 Cal Machine
      1k Run

1.2.19- Thursday

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Today’s Workout (CrossFit + SWEAT)

  • 4 Rounds EACH for reps
    • 2 Minutes of Rowing (Calories)
      2 Minutes of Squats
      2 Minutes of Push Ups
      3 Minutes to run 400m

After the run, rest for the remainder of the 3 minutes before beginning the next round. Put 400m times in the comments.

CRX: Wear a weighted vest